Hoang Bach took his wife and children to relax at NovaWorld Phan Thiet

Taking advantage of the leisure time between tours, singer Hoang Bach took the whole family to relax in the "super city of the sea".
14/12/2022 333 view
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Singer Hoang Bach often takes advantage of tours to take the whole family out. Because all family members love the sea, he often books hotels near the sea so that his wife and children can swim and enjoy seafood.
"From traveling in the car, the whole family has the opportunity to bond and create. Father and son, husband and wife both sing and talk. As an artist, family activities help me have more perspective. new life, composing more songs about the topic of moving and family", Hoang Bach revealed.
Having had the opportunity to visit many famous seas and islands in the world, the former member of AC&M revealed that he thought that there was nowhere as beautiful as Vietnam. His family also praised the coastal cities pouring in from the Central region, especially the South Central region. In particular, Phan Thiet is the place to mark many memories with Hoang Bach's family.
The male singer recalled, nearly 20 years ago, when he first met his wife, the two took an antique vespa on board to wander together on the pristine beaches of Phan Thiet. Later, the couple came back here to take wedding photos and film an MV dedicated to Hoang Bach.
Returning to the coastal city after many years, the male singer born in 1980 said he was impressed by the change of this place, especially with the appearance of NovaWorld Phan Thiet.
"My first impression when arriving in this 1,000-hectare urban area was surprise and delight because I didn't expect the scale to be so grand," the Nam Dinh-born male singer expressed.
In a full day of experiencing NovaWorld Phan Thiet, Hoang Bach assessed that this place has a harmonious combination of North American and South American architecture that makes him feel like he is back in the days of wandering around in the past. Colorful amusement parks also remind him of America. In addition, the diverse utility system also gives the whole family of artists comfortable and connected moments of relaxation.
"My two big friends really like the amusement park here because they can enjoy playing in the same impressive space as Disneyland," Hoang Bach said.
Commenting on the potential of NovaWorld Phan Thiet, Hoang Bach assessed that he had witnessed Phan Thiet thrive before the Covid-19 epidemic. After the epidemic is under control, the male singer is gradually finding the inherent excitement of this place.
"Recently, when I went back to the coastal city to tour, take pictures for advertising, I saw many large projects sprouting up, families coming to the resort were very crowded. On holidays, the traffic was busy and all the places were parked. This shows that the city's tourism is flourishing," Hoang Bach said.
Explaining the attraction of Phan Thiet in general and NovaWorld Phan Thiet in particular, Hoang Bach said that tourists like his family always want a tourist destination that can meet all the needs of the members: dad Mothers want to relax, children want to have fun and swim in the sea.
"According to the above criteria, NovaWorld Phan Thiet deserves to be an ideal destination for tourists of all ages," added the singer.
After the trip, Hoang Bach also expressed his intention to buy himself a villa in this coastal urban area. He said that currently owning tourism real estate in Vietnam has become very popular, many friends are investing in this field, so Hoang Bach also wants to learn. The male artist hopes to soon have a private space for the whole family to comfortably rest together in the future.