10 delicious dishes in Phan Thiet that can't be denied

Not only famous for its fresh and rich seafood, Phan Thiet delicacies also attract tourists by local specialties, which are both simple and popular, but also delicious and nutritious. Each dish has a very unique taste that makes everyone who eats it must remember forever.
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1. Seafood
Referring to the delicious dishes of Phan Thiet, seafood cannot be ignored. It is easy to see popular pubs and seafood stalls set up close together on the embankment near Tran Hung Dao bridge, facing along Doi Duong beach, on Mui Ne beach along Thu Khoa Huan street.
delicious food - seafood
Grilled scallops with fragrant onion oil. @Internet
You will see shrimps, crabs, squid, fish and snails are still fresh, swimming around. When a customer buys, the owner will weigh it and then pick it up and process it right away, making the meat both chewy, sweet and crispy. The way to prepare seafood in this sea is very diverse: steamed dishes boiled with ginger and lemongrass, fried tamarind with garlic and chili oil, grilled dishes or baked with cheese...
Stepping here, you will feel like standing under a culinary sky with countless delicious dishes in Phan Thiet that cannot be denied. However, do not forget to ask the price before deciding to choose your dish. To avoid running out of pocket, you can take a look at some delicious, nutritious and cheap popular seafood restaurants below:
06 shops: No. 6 Dang Van Ngu, Phan Thiet.
Shops along the embankment: Along the banks of Ca Ty river, there are many shops that are open from afternoon to late evening.
2. Fish cake soup
Don't be surprised if a person orders a big bowl of Phan Thiet-style fish cake soup and still dips in a hot and crispy loaf of bread. You know enough about the irresistible charm of this divine Phan Thiet delicacy!
phan thiet delicious food - cake soup
The bowl of cake soup is full and big. @Internet
The rice flour noodle soup is loose, opaque, and fragrant. The typical sweet broth is made from pork bones, fish, and straw mushrooms, where there are places to add quail eggs and especially, the chewy slices of fish cake are indispensable. Phan Thiet people also eat very spicy, so they often add green chillies soaked in fish sauce, creating a pungent taste, stimulating the taste buds.
The broth of fish cake soup in Phan Thiet, Mui Ne is especially a bit sweeter than in Saigon but is really charming with its own quality. From only 15,000 VND at the shops below, you can already enjoy a bowl of hot soup with warm sauce in the right food of Phan Thiet.
Fish cake soup: 66 Tran Quy Cap, Phan Thiet.
Quan Xiu: No. 1 HA, Kim Dong Street, Phan Thiet.
Fish cake soup: Tuyen Quang Street, Phan Thiet.
Co Xi fish cake soup: 309 Huynh Thuc Khang, Phan Thiet.
Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street: Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street (near the center of SKCB).
3. Phan Thiet Quang Noodles
Quang noodles are also on the list of delicious dishes in Phan Thiet and no less than Quang noodles in Quang Nam. In Phan Thiet, this dish is eaten with duck meat instead of pork. Some people like breast meat, some people like thigh meat, some people choose wing tips.
delicious food - Quang noodles
Golden noodles. @Internet
The duck meat is fragrant, soft, and fatty with herbs, peanuts, and bean sprouts. In addition to herbs, you can ask for more noodles or a squeeze of yellow noodles to fill you up.. The prices below are from 25,000 to 40,000 VND only.
Duck meat noodles: 129 Tran Phu, Phan Thiet.
Trai Hom duck noodle soup: 133 Tran Phu, Phan Thiet.
Quang noodles (only available in the morning): 70 Le Hong Phong, Phu Thuy, Phan Thiet.
Quang noodles opposite Tuyen Quang school: Trieu Quang Phuc street, Duc Nghia, Phan Thiet.
4. Rice paper with fish sauce
Rice paper with fish sauce that bakes in cold rainy days, there is no greater joy than this delicious Phan Thiet dish. Squatting chairs surround a flaming brazier waiting for the hot rice paper to come out of the oven.
delicious food - rice paper
Rice paper with fish sauce grilled on a charcoal stove. @chudu24
The filling consists of onion fat, shrimp paste, eggs, butter, spring rolls, spring rolls and a bit of shrimp paste. This dish is very simple to prepare, but the inside is varied in many different ways, depending on each restaurant. But overall… very tasty!
This snack you can find at street corners, school gates, markets or along the way in the afternoon. You can cross the street corners below to find the right snacks that are delicious in Phan Thiet.
Baked rice paper on the corner of the street: Thu Khoa Huan Street, Phan Thiet.
Grilled rice paper: Ngu Ong Street, entrance to Van Thuy Tu, Phan Thiet.
Baked rice paper: Tran Hung Dao - Thu Khoa Huan intersection, Phan Thiet.
Baked rice paper at Tam Bien fork: Near Old English Coffee, Tran Hung Dao Street, Phan Thiet.
5. Cobia hotpot
Cobia hotpot is considered a delicious dish of Phan Thiet with an unbroken reputation. The hot pot sauce is full of sour, spicy, salty and sweet flavors. Fresh fish meat is both chewy and fragrant, adding fish roe and fish stomach, adding crispy, greasy fat and a few slices of chili is excellent. In addition, vermicelli and a big basket of vegetables with bitter vegetables, bananas, shaved water spinach, and dipped bean sprouts do not know what is boring. Don't forget the chili sauce to prepare the sea for the right Phan Thiet tune.
delicious food - cobia hotpot
Eat fish hotpot in the middle of a cool breeze. @mainp
Ms. Tu's homestay, which is popular with backpackers, said that if you go to Phan Thiet but haven't eaten cobia hotpot, it's considered...have to go out again. However, there are still some other hot pot restaurants with the right taste of Phan Thiet that make you forget the way back.
Fish Hotpot: 34 Chu Van An, Phan Thiet.
Small Sang Fish Hot Pot: 80 Ngu Ong, Duc Thang Ward, Phan Thiet.
May Hue or Ngoc Lan fish hotpot (2 restaurants opposite each other): 11 Phan Dinh Phung, Phan Thiet.
The section of Le Hong Phong bridge towards the market right at the corner of the roundabout, every evening is crowded with people parking around a row of bread, patiently waiting for their turn, the locals are still used to calling it banh mi waiting. The shop is open from 7 pm and sells until late but always crowded.
delicious food - bread
Banh mi shumai for a student-style breakfast. @Internet
Bread filled with shumai, pork, eggs, fried spring rolls and steamed rolls, then add sour food, crispy vegetables and delicious "armpit pain" in the right style of Phan Thiet. The owner also spreads a little black sauce, a little fat or a few drops of spicy, thick paste, once eaten, you will remember this flavor forever.
7. Squid teeth
The best snacks and drinks in Phan Thiet's delicious dishes are squid teeth. At popular restaurants, squid teeth can be grilled with salt and pepper green, steamed with ginger and lemongrass, fried or breaded with a little sourdough or laksa leaves.
delicious food - squid teeth
Specialty squid teeth. @Internet
Almost all restaurants and popular eateries have squid teeth. But to get grilled squid teeth right away, you can visit Pham Van Dong shops along the embankment of Ca Ty river, Nguyen Tat Thanh street from Doi Duong beach or the nightlife area on Vo Thi Sau street near Dong Hai church.
8. Banh xeo, banh can
One of the delicious dishes Phan Thiet eats in the late afternoon that everyone loves is banh xeo or banh can. The pancakes here are only as small as the palm of your hand, just eaten in a cup with fish sauce. Crispy fragrant cake from flour, stuffed with minced meat, shrimp, squid with peanut fish sauce, biting a crunchy piece is really satisfying to the teeth.
delicious food - pancakes
Hot golden pancakes. @Internet
Banh Can Phan Thiet is simple but delicious. This dish can be served with different sauces depending on the restaurant. Where there is fish sauce with braised fish, where there is fat, there are places with meatballs, star fruit or mango minced sour and sour, Thanh Thanh.
delicious food - banh can
Add green onions to help the fish sauce smell good. @Internet
On a cool day, just go to the shops below, sit around the red fire and wait for each pair of hot and crispy cakes to be put into the cup.
Mango Tree Pancakes: Tuyen Quang Street, Phan Thiet.
Cay Phuong pancake: Tuyen Quang street, Phan Thiet.
Banh xeo cursed: Behind Hung Vuong secondary school, Phan Thiet.
Can cake: 168 Thu Khoa Huan, Phan Thiet.
Banh Can: No. 8 Hai Thuong Lan Ong or Banh Can at the foot of Duc Thanh Bridge, Phan Thiet.
9. Apricot fish salad
This is one of the most famous and rare Phan Thiet delicacies that almost every tourist wants to try. A delicious salad in the right style of Phan is the tough, crispy, not fishy fish meat and especially fresh. The fish chosen for the salad must still be jumping.
delicious food - salad
Packed apricot fish with fragrant peanut scent. @Internet
Small apricot fish with a little finger, squeeze lemon, marinate spices, mix with laksa leaves, onions, basil and roasted peanuts. You can eat it with a thick salad dressing with a strong aroma of tamarind, ripe bananas, garlic, chili and sugar or wrap rice paper and raw vegetables. Both delicious, cool, and fresh. Chances are you'll pass by a few places where you can enjoy this delicious treat right away!
Phan Thiet market food court.
Seafood shops along the embankment of Ca Ty river.
Cay Bang restaurant: No. 2 - 4 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Phu Hai ward, Phan Thiet.
10. Fish spring rolls
Spring rolls are made from fish and cassava roots. Delicious rice paper, a specialty of Binh Thuan, fried to a crisp, golden color, pleasing to the eye just looking at it. The dish is served with raw vegetables, eggs, spring rolls, and bean curd. To eat this dish, you have to add another book to your mouth.
delicious food - fish spring rolls
Spring rolls are presented in banana leaves. @monapixel
The place where the famous fish spring rolls prepare delicious Phan Thiet is Dung restaurant on Vo Thi Sau street. You go down the slope of Tran Hung Dao bridge, turn right on Vo Thi Sau street, go another 800 m, you will see the shop on the right.